Welcome to Walle

Your All-in-One AI Assistant and Browser Extension

Embark on a seamless digital experience with Walle, your One Stop AI Assistant, seamlessly integrated as a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

  • ChatBot

    Walle is not just a ChatBot; it's your on-the-spot problem solver. Ask any question and get immediate solutions. You can also interact with other bots and agents to expand your knowledge.

  • AI Reader

    Walle makes reading smarter. Summarize any website, have conversations with websites, and use the context menu for a deeper understanding of any text.

  • AI Writer

    Elevate your writing with Walle's AI Writer. Generate human-like articles and titles in seconds, supporting various writing styles. It assists in crafting email responses and social comments effortlessly.

  • Chat PDF

    Experience the magic of Chat PDF - upload PDF documents, and let Walle summarize, translate, and answer questions. Establish your private knowledge base with ease.

  • Image Creation & Image Reading

    Unleash creativity with Walle's Image Creation feature. Generate pictures from plain text, ask questions about any picture, and let Walle read and interpret images for you.

Your Digital Companion

Walle isn't just an AI Assistant; it's seamlessly integrated into Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers. Wherever you are, Walle becomes your indispensable companion for navigating the digital world.